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Our Staff

Keith Glasser, MSPT

Keith Glasser, owner and CEO of Optimal Results Physical Therapy, has been practicing physical therapy since 1993. Keith’s dedication to excellence and seeking out the latest developments in physical recovery is evident throughout the clinic.

At Optimal Results I want our patients to feel welcomed with open arms, receive an expert diagnosis and treatment plan, enjoy getting better and return to normal as quickly as possible. We provide patients with advanced information they can use to heal faster, prevent future injuries at home and become healthier overall.

Keith’s philosophy is grounded in two key principles:

  • Patients are always our top priority
  • Physical therapy is fun and effective at Optimal Results

Originally from the east coast, Keith earned his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Massachusetts and a BA in Business Administration from Babson College. In addition to his formal education, Keith earned an advanced degree from the McKenzie Institute International.

Prior to establishing Optimal Results Physical Therapy in 2003, Keith worked in private practice, was an in-patient and out-patient physical therapist at Kaiser Permanente, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. He has also provided physical therapy at several skilled nursing facilities.

Keith is physically active playing soccer, gardening and completing household projects. He loves hiking, traveling and reading. He played basketball at Babson College and a season in the Israeli Professional Basketball league. 

Kyle Green, DPT, CSCS

Kyle is continually expanding his knowledge and expertise. Kyle has earned continuing education certifications in strength and conditioning specialist, Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and Bike Fit for cyclists. Based on recent studies proving the benefits, he is a strong believer in patients receiving physical therapy prior to surgery to reduce recovery time and enhance their healing.

“Each person is an individual. They have such different variables at play; it’s like a puzzle. I like having the freedom to take my time, talk with patients in depth and review their situation from a holistic viewpoint. Building the whole picture rather than limiting treatment to just one part of the body allows me to create an accurate algorithm to improve patient conditions and overall all health. I try to surround myself with smart, intelligent, good people who care. That’s what I like most about our team, we care and we are always looking for a better way.”

Along with a thirst for life-long learning, Kyle brings a wide variety of treatment experience to Optimal Results. He has worked with motor vehicle accident patients, Parkinson’s disease, vestibular disorders, osteoarthritis, joint replacements, TMJ dysfunction and a number of sports-related injuries. In addition to treating injuries and surgery recovery, he specializes in helping high school and collegiate athletes with exercise, performance and enhancement.

Kyle Green received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2012 from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA.  Prior to that, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University. Certifications include; strength and conditioning specialist, Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and Bike Fit, ergonomically setting people up on their bikes for commuting, distance biking or triathlon riding.

His passion for activity and competition motivated Kyle to participate in the Challenged Athlete Foundation Triathlon where he taught individuals with a broad range of debilitating physical conditions how to regain their strength and reconcile their love for sports.

Kyle lives to travel and is a sports enthusiast who enjoys racquetball, basketball, cycling and golf. He is also passionate about cooking and piano.

Sanatan Golden – PT, DPT, CSCS VERSION TWO

Dr. Sanatan (pronounced sah-NAH-tahn) Golden started his professional life as a mechanical engineer, but soon realized that the ‘machine’ he most loved was the human body. Then after many years as a prolific Strength and Conditioning Specialist and personal trainer his continued growth led him to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He received his degree from The University of Washington Medical School, where he was honored with the McMillan Fellowship for being the top applicant in his class. He is currently pursuing advanced manual therapy training through the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy.

Sanatan is recognized as a regional expert in running mechanics and efficiency, and specializes in lower extremity injury prevention and treatment. He instructs physical therapists, physicians, and other healthcare practitioners with his continuing-education courses and was an Expert Faculty Presenter – 2015 Pacific NW Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Symposium. He was also the first pracitioner in the Pacific Northwest certified to bring the revolutionary healing technology, Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, to the public.  Along with partner Dr. Ray McClanahan he founded Natural Running For All and  has also held over 100 running clinics in Portland and helping countless runners find a natural stride that is more efficient, injury resistant, and fun.

Spending years as high-flying competitive Ultimate Frisbee player and coach at the collegiate, national, and international levels, Sanatan certainly knows the demands of sport on the body. He currently serves as the head Strength and Conditioning Specialist for the Portland Stags, our city’s professional Ultimate team.  A bit more grounded now with two young children, he also understands the challenges of trying to stay active and healthy within our busy lives.

Sanatan is psyched to be part of the interdisciplinary team at Optimal Results, and looks forward to helping you and your body move naturally down the path towards health and wellness.

Jake Stout PT, DPT, MS, CSCS

  • Oregon Board Certified Physical Therapist
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy - University of Washington
  • Masters of Science - Boise State University
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Jake is a Portland native, and brings over 20 years of running experience to his physical therapy practice.  He raced in college for Willamette University, earning All-American honors in cross country and track, and has continued running competitively ever since, completing the New York, Chicago, and Boston Marathons.  In addition to the doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) degree he earned at the University of Washington, Jake received a Master’s degree (MS) from Boise State University where he worked as a graduate assistant in the exercise physiology and biomechanics lab.

Jake’s continuing education focus has been on restoring function to patient’s lives, and has extensive training in manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, gait analysis, and bike fitting. His goal is to get you back to enjoying the things you love, as quickly as possible.

Jake’s other experiences include working in corporate wellness for Microsoft, Google, and Nintendo employees, teaching health education while living in India, and coaching cross country and track at the high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate levels. When not at the clinic, Jake loves spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter, coaching at Roosevelt high school, cycling, skiing, and traveling when possible. 

Mariel Hammond PT, DPT

Mariel graduated from the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at Duke University in 2017 and has joined the team at Optimal Results Physical Therapy to promote her love for a functional approach to rehab. Originally from Florida, Mariel is new to the West Coast, making the Portland area her first big move across the country. As an advocate for functional exercise Mariel has a lot of interest in Functional Movement Systems and plans to develop her skills in that area for a total body approach to physical therapy rehabilitation.

When not working as a physical therapist she spends most of her time playing competitive Ultimate Frisbee for the local elite level women’s team, Portland Schwa. She also loves to explore the outdoors with backpacking, hiking, camping, climbing, etc. She is currently involved in a research study examining the injury rates in the competitive Ultimate Frisbee world with a former professor at Duke University and is an advocate for the most up to date evidence based practice.

She has a love for genuine patient care and providing the best services to every client that becomes a patient in the Optimal Results family.

Celia Wulff, VP of Administration

Celia Wulff has assisted in the Optimal Results Physical Therapy office and with marketing the company for a number of years. She took over as office manager in February of 2009.

Celia has a varied background in medicine, education, writing, gardening/agriculture and now business.

In her time away from the office she continues to run a commercial gardening business, and loves to hike and partake in other outdoor activities. She is also passionate about reading, writing and editing.



Anna Peterson, Office Manager

Anna earned her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration Operations from Capella University.

As our Office Manager, Anna Peterson is central to operations at Optimal Results. While Anna is analytical and never misses a detail, it is her complete dedication to our patients that wins hearts. Working in healthcare has always been Anna’s passion and she gives 110% to ensuring each patient receives excellent, personalized service and support.

A native Oregonian, Anna loves to explore all that Portland has to offer, including festivals and other fun events offered each season. In addition to running, working out and hiking, Anna enjoys getting together with friends and family in her spare time. After completing her Masters, Anna would like to travel to other countries.

Connie Shiu, Front Office Assistant

Connie has been with the Optimal Results team since 2016. Her favorite part about working in the front office is that she gets to meet and see patients through their entire plan of care. 

Originally from Utah, Connie moved to Oregon in 2001 and considers herself an Oregonian. She holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, and has always loved working in the field of physical therapy. 

Having caught the travel bug after a trip to visit family in Taiwan, Connie hopes to visit and explore more places in Asia and beyond! In her spare time at home, Connie loves exploring Portland's food scene and finding new places to eat.


Hands down, Frisbee wins our Most Valued Player award year after year. He brings a special warmth and loyal dedication to our office that we can’t imagine doing without. Taking his role as morale booster and confidante very seriously, Frisbee happily greets patients and helps our therapists do their work. In fact, we suspect many of our patients are coming here only to see him! An attentive and wise listener, Frisbee has never failed to help us make difficult decisions with a challenging diagnosis. In honor of his special place in our hearts, Frisbee is given free rein of the office and we designated a special spot for his well-deserved naps throughout the day.

In his off time, Frisbee chases tennis balls, enjoys taking hikes and even likes to spend quality time with Scout and Spunk, our two cats. He allows our chickens to live freely - provided they stay out of his food dish. At 11 ½ years old, we still have to keep Frisbee from “roaming” but he’s getting easier to catch! We look forward to several more years with our beloved friend and counselor. Make sure to put your best foot forward and say hello to Frisbee when you come to see us.

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