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Weight Release Program

Weight Release Program with Keith Glasser

We have achieved some distinction for our Weight Release Program featuring Keith Glasser, a physical therapist and a practicing holistic health care practitioner for 20 years.

This is not a diet program, although many of our participants do lose weight. Rather, it is a program about change. Based on solid, nutritional knowledge, it empowers you to make the choices that lead to lasting results.

The Weight Release Program is a comprehensive seminar covering the key areas for sustaining lifelong weight release, including why we eat, aspects of the brain and heart, exercise, planning and shopping, super foods, eating out, resources, and much more.

By understanding and incorporating these guidelines, Keith has personally released 28 pounds in the last 4 ½ months. You can expect to release two to five pounds per month over the next 12 months.

Keith developed the program because nutrition and weight challenges have long been his passion and a personal challenge, as a collegiate and professional athlete.

He has vast personal experience with a number of programs, has read extensively, and is a gifted presenter.

An interactive learning experience, the 20-member class size has been chosen to make it fun and enjoyable.

The Weight Release Program is offered regularly and normally runs 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Optimal Results PT building. The investment is $99 for the first family member and $50 for the second family member.

Recommended reading in advance of the program:

Wheat Belly by William Davis

For information on the next seminar date, call 503-294-7463.



 “This was a great program; well organized, great handouts; presented well, good pace, interesting and with humor. The bottom line for me was that the entire program makes all the sense in the world. I would happily recommend your program to anyone.” -Susan L

“Superfood info was very encouraging and informative. Would definitely recommend to others. Brought together aspects of weight release I hadn’t heard before.” -Jeanne H

“The information reminded me that I can make changes and gave me the tools to do it.” -Lucy

“The program was very informative, lots of new ideas, great at clarifying.” -Ron M

“The program filled in gaps of my knowledge. It gives me a solid base of what the problem is and how I can fix it. Am really getting to understand the bigger picture and how it is stacked against us.” -Meigra S

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