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Optimal Results Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregon

Optimal Results Physical Therapy of Portland, Oregon provides residents with effective, evidence-based physical therapy services from a caring, professional, patient-focused staff.

Our unique approach empowers you to make choices to optimize your physical health and long-term potential. We work to resolve your immediate symptoms of pain and reduced mobility as well as to give you the fundamentals to ensure a healthy lifestyle and prevent recurring injuries and condition.

We have proven consistently that the vast majority of physical pain can be significantly reduced or completely eliminated using our specific model of care.

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Optimal Results Physical Therapy
511 SW 10th Ave., Suite 101
Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503-294-7463


Weight Release Program

Optimal Results Physical Therapy is distinguished for the effectiveness of its Weight Release Program with Keith Glasser, a program about change that is based on solid nutritional knowledge.

To learn more about this program and get the dates for the next seminar contact us at 503-294-7463.

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